Dongke Qingdao Branch

金年会金字招牌至上 Co., Ltd. Qingdao Branch

金年会金字招牌至上 Co., Ltd. Qingdao Branch was established in June 2013 and is located in the West Coast New District of Qingdao City, Shandong Province with "red tiles, green trees, blue sea and blue sky". The company is mainly engaged in the domestic and foreign sales of lithium-ion battery electrolyte solvents, polycarboxylate superplasticizer monomers, concrete admixtures, and paraffin wax. Dongke Qingdao Branch always adheres to the business tenet of "professionalization, standardization and internationalization", and continues to provide customers with high-value products and services. With unique technology and quality advantages, the company has become a high-quality raw material supplier for many domestic and foreign lithium-ion battery electrolyte manufacturers, and has established many years of strategic cooperation with many listed companies and the world's top 500 companies.


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